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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  October 23, 2013 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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she will check in a couple days, same deal and just today she is like when am i going to have four hours to sit in front of this website to figure it out? i don't have the time to chat with people. >> no doubt. >> i don't have that kind of time and i'm sure she is not alone. there has to be tens of thousands of americans who don't have the time to sit and let it run its course or go through the glitches. >> they are bringing in the dream team of tech speem so to speak so hope they get it cleared up. >> hopefully. the deaning mystery over the identity of the little girl found in greece. dna does not match an international database of missing persons according to greek authorities. with more on this case, here's alex perez in greece. >> reporter: they have taken her dna sample, rocketed her picture around the world and now been flooded with 10,000 calls and leads, but little maria's true identity is a mystery. investigators are sifting through scores of missing children cases, searching for a match, like missing baby lisa
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irwin in kansas city. the fbi is investigating but doesn't believe there are any leads. we took a trip to the roma or gypsy fwlabd she was living. when you arrive first thing you see, children, many dirty, on the street where maria lived emotions were running high. >> we tracked down maria's house and came to the family members in the house but they are extremely upset with us and they said what is said about them is nothing but lies. >> reporter: authorities are investigating whether maria was a victim of human trafficking. some 30 million people worldwide are trafficked. 80% women and children. >> the fact that maria has been dooid identified and rescued is a miracle in and of itself with statistics stating one to two percent of victims ever get rescued. it is a miracle. we have the proper authorities investigating to potentially identify trafficking rings. >> reporter: for now maria is at a hospital and in good spirits playing with toys as the search for her real family carries on.
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alex perez, abc news, greece. after weeks on the run, a violent sex offender, who slipped across the border from canada is behind bars. michael sean stanley cut off his electronic monitoring bracelet and surfaced in washington earlier this month. police here couldn't touch him, they say, because he hadn't committed a crime in the u.s. that is until yesterday. a teenager told them that stanley lured him in to an alley, gave him alcohol and sexually assaulted him. >> a 16-year-old male walks over to the officer and basically tells him that he was sexually assaulted by the guy that they had in handcuffs. >> stanley served nine years in prison for assaulting an 82-year-old woman in a wheelchair. he was later convicted of assaulting two young boys. two human rights groups are out with scathing reports about u.s. drone strikes overseas them
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groups claim more civilians have been killed in pakistan and yemen. the white house has claimed the civilian deaths are rare. new jobs numbers have finally been released 18 days late because of the government shutdown. the report was hardly worth the wait. 148,000 jobs were created last month. fewer than predicted. unemployment ticked down to 7.2% and that's the lowest level since november 2008. the effects of the 16-day shutdown continue to ripple across the go. the irs has announced it will delay the beginning of filing season up to two weeks because of the work of reprogramming computers was interrupted by the shutdown. the delay will affect early filers. many of whom rushed their returns to the irs so they can quickly get refunds. attention pet owners, you may want to reconsider feeding your dog jerky treats made in china. the treats are linked to the deaths of 600 dogs and ten cats. it says 3600 pets have
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apparently been sickened by the treats them agency is seeking help from pet owners and vets as it looks in to this mysterious outbreak. the parent of a texas high school whose team lost 9 1-0 last friday filed a bullying complaint against the winning coach. he kept to a conservative ground game and allowed the clock to run after halftime to bring things to a merciful close. he defends his strategy. >> i would never ask our kids not to play hard. i would never tell them to go out and let them score. that's fwhot what you want to teach kids. >> reporter: under texas law officials are required to investigate the bullying accusations and make public results. what are they supposed to do? sending in second string guys just running the ball. they want to excel and show the coach what they can do. >> i don't know what else you can do in that case. i want to know what the grounds of bullying is, were they
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taunting the other kids because they were losing. >> the allegation is they were running up the score. >> you have to play the game, though. >> no doubt. >> all right. across the pond the most anticipated christening in a generation is getting underway today in brit. prince william and duchess kate's new baby prince george will be christened. the couple wanted to keep the affair intimate. the only members of the royal family that will be there. closer to home, a much anticipated high-tech release is causing the hearts of apple fans to skip a few beats. gearing up for the holidays apple breathes new life in to its ipad lineup unveiling two new ipads the ipad air weighing one pound and 72 times fasteren this then original and a souped up ipad menny. they reduced the prices of mac book pros the red sox hosting t
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cardinals and one family says the cards championship is all but certain. >> they are from perry, illinois and here's their deal. they welcomed a child in to the world every year the cardinals have won it all. since 1982, that is, that year it was sara giving birth to her son aaron. >> in 2006 aaron's wife gave birth to twins and the cardinals beat detroit and in 2011, st. louis defeated texas and their fourth son was born two weeks ago. oh, my goodness. anytime the red sox are involved with a team that has a curse this is interesting. >> we will have to see what is going on here. we will keep an eye on that one. >> certainly will. pets on a plane. why people are using a simulator invented in hollywood to help get their dogs ready to fly. but first, are first born children more successful? why research says yes and looks at why. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ welcome back. we're stirring up some sibling rivalry this morning with a study that says the first born tends to do better in school. >> a lot of studies agree with that but this one says because parents are harder on their first child and more attentive. >> marcia, marcia, marcia. i'm tired of being in marcia's . >> reporter: it seems jan brady may have been on to something. based on research, first children tentd to get the best parenting and grades. the explanation is simple, parents are more strict on older children and give more attention. the new reason for sibling rivalry. >> i think that is true. >> i think i'm smarter, i'm the last of the siblings. >> reporter: international studies have suggested first borns earn more money and score higher on iq tests. on average three points higher.
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>> when the first born comes along and there are no younger siblings they have 100% of parental attention and investment. >> reporter: look at the most recent presidents. five of the last season, all oldest children. need more proof? 21 of the first 237 astronauts were first born. first borns like einstein won nobel prizes in science. but younger children tend to be rebellious leaders of revolution like thomas jefferson, martin luther jing king junior and bragging rights for the younger siblings out there like me. abc news, new york. >> we imagine you have a couple of thoughts and feelings. let us know. >> it is our facebook question of the day. in our family were your parents harder on the oldest sibling? >> i'm the youngest. >> are you a rebel? >> there's some saving graces for me apparently in the story but you are the middle kid.
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there's nothing for you. >> i am the middle we have seven kids. my dad -- i got fussed over plenty. too much. you are not doing it right. do it again. >> economists say that they have found parents discipline the oldest child more harshly and easier on the younger kids and that's why the younger kids don't do as well in school. on the flip side, you get some advantage when you are yelling at the older kid. the younger kid, you are instilling respect and fear in him because he is seeing what is happening to the older one. >> all the good thing you have to look forward to with number two coming along. flight school behind the dogs. the special hangar where dogs can be trained to have no fear of flying. in our next half hour, casting out the devil. bob woodruff goes to see a much sought after exorcist who says he has battled thousands of
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a special flight school for dogs. >> service animals aren't usually trained to travel. a unique hollywood studio stepped in. abc's david kerley went to the school. >> reporter: it may look like fido in flight, but this is air hollywood. a studio filled with cockpits, cabins and security check points. the movie "bridesmaids" was shot here. but this day. >> very good. >> reporter: it's a classroom. >> we will go through one dog at a time. >> reporter: teaching nearly a dozen dogs, mostly service canines what it is like to fly. >> it's the sights and sounds of the airport they have become
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accustom to that these dogs have never experienced and this is like a real airport going through security. >> reporter: a dog lover was shocked by what he saw at a real airport. >> i seen a dog and its owner reaching out and then it hits me i have a facility i can train these people so we can do it the right way. >> reporter: how real is this? extras and actors hired as tsa officers. >> have her come through. >> reporter: one tip at security, use a nylon leash, no metal. she is flying with domino in three days. >> it will not be a new experience with him but anxiety will be a lot less. >> reporter: there's more. a cabin simulator which bumps and shakes for takeoffs and landings, even a little turbulence. bill carpenter hopes his dog will be able to fly with his wife for emotional support. >> gives us the confidence she can do it. >> reporter: hollywood helping to create a new generation of four-legged frequent flyers. david kerley, abc news, los
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angeles. >> might be seeing more dogs in the cabins. >> get a kick out of that. i think i would enjoy that. >> really cute. "the mix" is next. save them.
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in sparkling health. for shining results, finish dishwasher cleaner. all right. welcome to "the mix," everyone. in the spirit of halloween we want to share with you a special guy who's taken his disability and turned it in to a world of its own when hit comes to halloween costumes. his name is josh and at 9 years old he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and given a 50% chance of survival. he lost one leg and he survived and he's gone on to become all kinds of wonderful things. check out his costume for this year. he decided to be a flamingo. >> wow. >> if you see he is turned yup upside down. that is his leg at the head and
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the crutches. that is incredible. >> i'd like to see if he is nimble enough to move around. he is all turned around. >> back in 2010, he started this a while ago. he is like a you tube sensation. so back in 2010 he was a gingerbread man but check it out. the gingerbread man's leg is chopped off. josh is an incredible gierks a motivational speaker, a member of the soccer team, para olympian and has a lot of great messages for everyone. take a listen. >> my halloween cost costumes are just metaphors for this idea. that some of the negative circumstances that are happening to you, that have happened to you may occasionally lead to unexpectedly positive outcomes. >> there you have it. by the way, the person who uploaded the position to readit
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of the new costume he's going to wear says when life hands you lemons, become a flamingo. >> awesome costume. wonder where he got that idea. a couple of pranksters from the internet, roman, dennis and chase are up to their old tricks the latest trick a practical joke helping the homeless. they have a friend named joe who owns a pizza shop in ohio and they said we left our wallet in the shop, give us a key. they open the place up and decide to cook behind his back. they cooked up 30 pizzas and delivered it to a homeless shelter. here it is. they are handing it out. poor old joe has no idea they are doing it but i'm sure they must be proud of it. they wound up having a good pizza party at the shelter. >> that's sweet. this may be day joo gentleman view all over again or it will feel that way. we have incredible video to show you. this is a cheerleader at west lake high school. she is about to do 44 hand springs, or back flips.
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she has officially broken
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this morning on "world news now," bravery amid the bloodshed. stories about the acts of heroism during the deadly shooting at the school. what triggered this child to open fire is still a mystery. a wild ride. a man dangling from a hot air balloon sparked a flood of 911 calls. what he said he was doing up there. a declaration of bravery. patients at children's hospital how they intend to roar. a remake of a different kind. petty white is at it again. she is taking on the moves that miley famous. it is wednesday, october 23rd. nrs>> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now" with john muller and diana perez.
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welcome in on this hump day. we begin with new details op the shooting at a nevada middle school. the parents of the gunman could face charges now that investigators are determined the weapon came from their home. >> the school will remain closed this week. a nearby elementary school will resume classes today. >> john and diana, police say this could have been much worse if it wasn't for michael landsberry's heroic actions. investigators now say e 12-year-old shooter tried to go inside the school, but he never got in because the building was on lockdown. frantic 911 calls reveal the chaos that unfolded at sparks middle school minutes before the morning bell. >> 911 emergency. hi, this is pam. i'm calling from sparks middle school. we have a shooting at our school. we have a teacher down. >> the math teacher, michael landsberry was killed trying to
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save his students. moments after the gunman shot one of his classmates in the shoulder, witnesses say the 45-year-old former marine stepped in to try to stop him. the 7th grader then shot landsberry in the chest before shooting another student in the stomach, eventually turning the gun on himself. >> mr. landsberry's heroic action by stepping toward the shooter allowed time for other students to flee the area. >> this girl, part of a group that helped landsberry, even as they heard the gunfire. >> a teacher needs help. i don't know what to do. >> reporter: police say the shooter never made it inside the school. investigators are searching for a motive. teachers describe landsberry as a devoted husband and father to two step daughters, an air national guardsman who coached basketball and volleyball. >> he was a hero because he chose to serve his country and choose to serve his community in the most memorable way. >> officials cancelled classes for the rest of the week. john and diana? >> all right. thank you.
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in the wake of that incident, a school district on new york's long island is putting an extra layer of security in place. it centers on what officials call a panic alarm. a two-way communicator that sends gps coordinates to police in the event of an emergency. the alarms are available to any school district. each costs $150. a security expert says a deadly bus bombing in russia is likely the opening of a campaign by terrorists against next february's winter olympics. the attack was caught on a dash camera. 30 were injured in the blast. terrorists from chechnya declared their intention to disrupt the games in sochi. >> the olympics serve as a lightning rod. russia is on the center stage of the world. this is a moment of pride and also of potential vulnerability. >> the russians say this woman was the bomber. she was a 30-year-old wife of a known chechen terror leader with expertise in explosives. russian forces are hunting for
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her husband. back here at home, the fans caught on camera fighting after the patriots and jets game are facing charges and other punishment. the video shows a man in a jets jersey hitting a woman. all four people involved are charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and banned from all events at metlife stadium. the jets fans family say he was defending himself. despite problems at the website, president obama is launching a push to encourage americans to sign in the marketplace. he is joining them to join team obama care. it may be a tough sell. health and human services secretary kathleenelius told cnn they are bringing in some outside help. >> we want to make sure we have the best and brightest in terms of tech folks. we have gathered them together and asked contractors to bring their a-team to the table. we have asked presidential innovation fellows to add strength. we want to make sure we get all of the right answers and do what is needed to be done as quickly
3:30 am
as possible to open up the doors of this marketplace. >> she declined to say if she and thpresident talked about her resignation over the mess. she said the president didn't know about the glitches before the october 1st launch. a white house national security official has been fired after it was discovered he was behind a snarky twitter feed. reporters say that joseph was responsible for the tweets. until recently he had been part of the administration's team working on negotiations with iran. his tweets routinely criticized government officials and obama's policy. this is a crazy story. >> yeah. joseph openly criticized the policies of the white house, insults their intelligence and appearance. criticizes top white house and state department officials. i mean big, big names. >> yeah. his wife also works for the administration, by the way. now he has ruined his career but
3:31 am
potentially ruined his wife's career because he wanted to make comments that he could have done around a lunch table. >> water cooler or golf course. yeah, right. >> yeah. >> social media, dangerous. be careful. >> so incredibly dangerous. >> this is his version of sending naughty pictures. not a good idea. >> not good. a man in colorado putting a scare in to onlookers who repeatedly called 911 until they saw him dangling from a hot air balloon. turns out he was only doing pullups. dan vincent said he and his girlfriend were filming an ad for a new exercise product, called monkey bars, and they can create makeshift gymnastic style workouts including apparently hundreds of feet in the air. >> i was wondering where i could get a pullup bar for the bottom of my hot air balloon. >> exactly what i need. first i need the balloon but once i get that i need the pull up bar. if i'm driving i'm thinking that
3:32 am
guy is hanging on for dear life. >> and needs some help. here's a look at the nation's weather. rain showers will make it damp and raw across the northeast as most of the south, except florida dries out. lake effect rain and snow will continue across the upper midwest. while it will be clear and mild, even warm in some places all the way through the west coast. >> temperatures five to ten degrees above normal. 90 phoenix. 10 to 20 below normal in the upper midwest and chilly in the northeast. >> the weather was foggy in lakeland, florida, but just clear enough for the city's annual swan roundup. >> dozens of swans chased and scooped out of the water and sent to cages for a checkup by a veterinarian. >> they are an icon in lakeland and the city does its part to ensure they are healthy so families can continue to enjoy them. >> wow. scoop those up. they are pros. >> check it out. they microchip the baby swans to keep track of them. this is the 33rd annual roundup of the swans there in lakeland,
3:33 am
florida. they are serious about their swan roundup. >> pretty cool. >> keeping their swans healthy. coming up, a young pop star's powerful message. what selena gomez says is the true definition of sexy. but first, inside an ancient ritual we travel deep in the mown tans of colombia to meet a man who says he has done battle with thousands of demons. a modern day exorcist. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by wool ite every day. y wool it every day. ite every day. save them.ite every day. woolite detergents clean your jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes.
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you may see a lot of demons and devils the next week trick or treating or going to halloween party. >> for millions of people around the world, demons are real. casting them out is serious business. we traveled to colombia to meet a real exorcist in high demand. we are "up all nightline" with abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: you are about to witness a terrifying, but fascinating ritual. he's a man who many believe is blessed with special powers, direct from god. battling with a demon, he says, has taken over this woman's body and is trying to kill her.
3:38 am
it's an idea made famous in the movies. the ability to fight face to face with the devil, but hollywood's version of the exorcist has nothing on this. because these are not actors. they are real villagers, farmers. even their young children willing to spend an entire month's salary in the hope they will be saved by one of south america's most sought after spiritual leaders. they call him el exorcisto, the exorcist. local catholic leaders say it is all an act. they disapprove of the work he does here. but is it really that far fetched? watch this. it's what many believe is pope francis himself performing an exorcism on a wheelchair bound man. it happened earlier this year in rome. pope francis holds his hands on
3:39 am
the man's head for 15 seconds while the man shakes and makes strange sounds. the vatican down played the incident, but many believers say there's no doubt in what they saw. >> you can see they have now been covered with dirt, lime, flowers, eggs, have all been wrapped in to their feet. >> reporter: then a warning that we should all move back. olga's demon is putting up a fight. as he counts down, she becomes agitated. it's an intense confrontation, lasting more than 20 minutes. >> can you tell me how you feel? >> a little dizzy. >> i saw her going like this.
3:40 am
>> she is saying good-bye. >> uh-huh. >> are you completely better now? is the evil gone? whether you think he's a man of god or another sly huckster there is no denying the impact he has here or the simple belief this man can change their lives. bob woodruff. >> in the name of the lord. >> oh, my goodness gracious. you scared me a minute. by the way he charges -- >> trying to dedemonize you. >> never going to work. i'm too evil. >> chae is $35 for diagnosis and chore schism is 235 bucks. >> it is cheaper than the ones here. >> cheaper to get the exorcism than it is to fly to colombia. >> no doubt about that.
3:41 am
>> i think i will keep my demons. the retirement question we have been asking you, what should we wear for halloween? you get to pick. go to our facebook page and let us know what you think. >> we have been batting it around and. >> have some idea but nothing has jumped out at us yet. >> nothing's great. so please head to our facebook page and give us ideas. we are confident you will come up with something wonderful we won't be able to say no to. when we come back, a story that gives us hope. some pop stars are more substance than style. >> "the skinny" is next. you are watching "world news now."
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3:43 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny here's a breath of fresh air. selena gomez in philadelphia during her tour -- we see so much bad behavior these days. i don't know what the word is, risque, dubious outfits on young pop stars. miley comes to mind. >> yeah. >> she, during the concert, talks about her transition, going from a kid to a woman and tells everybody in the audience, the young women who like her so much, you don't have to be
3:44 am
trashy and can be classy. let's listen to her. >> people always say i'm not sexy or cool enough or if i did this i would be accepted. let me tell you one thing, the sexiest thing i think -- actually i know is class. [ cheers and applause ] >> good for selena gomez. the sexiest thing is class. >> whoa! she's always ban little bit on the classier side when you compare her to people like miley but that is really good. that gives every girl out there who doesn't want to show everything -- they are now empowered. >> she wasn't preaching or hating but basically saying, carry yourself well. >> that's the way i do it. good for you. moving on. digressing to miss kim kardashian and kanye west. i proposed -- so now we have more details. we'll show you pictures of course. >> the rock. >> that's the rock.
3:45 am
the 15-carat rock he proposed with. few details how he did it. he rented out at&t park in san francisco. we will show you a slide show from instagram they posted. her nearest and dearest were gathered there. this was for her 33rd birthday and they all watched as he got down on one knee and the jumbotron showed up saying, please marry me with extra es because that really gets the message and across and then she said no. breaking news there. just kidding. there you have it. baby mama and baby daddy. >> we were talking in a meeting today about the rock. you say it is the size of a chicklet and other people say it is the size of bubble yum. >> but it is smaller than the ring from kris humphries. >> kanye gets a 15 year and all he can get is flak because it ain't as big as kris humphries. >> i'm talking about the ring of course.
3:46 am
>> i didn't dare go there. i will leave that for your filthy mind, diana. >> speaking of filthy minds, betty white. got to love her. she gets on a wrecking ball in her new show to parody miley cyrus. let's watch it. her lifetime show "off their rockers" new show. >> i got some recent ideas from recent pop culture events that really got the kids talking. can someone bring me a sledge hammer? >> what do you have to say? 91 years old, riding the wrecking ball. with a foam finger on. she has a foam dpinger finger on. >> that show is hilarious. if you get a chance to watch it, it is great. the antics is great stuff. so we have been talking about doing the story for essentially all week. we will get to it even though we have 15 seconds. this bootylicious mama, beyonce.
3:47 am
>> hello. >> is going to her tumblr page. no story here just she is sexy and showing it off. o herlikey. g and showing it off. >> i likey. o and showing it off. >> i likey. r and showing it off. >> i likey. g and showing it off. >> i likey. e and showing it off. >> i likey. gorgeou and showing it off. s and showing it off. >> i likey.
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3:50 am
♪ you're gonna hear me roar >> finally this half hour, a roar from the heart. you'll remember that "good morning america" held a contest for high schools asking them to make videos of katy perry's new hit song "roar." that inspired a children's hospital in new hampshire to make their own version. it is by far our "favorite story of the day." take a listen. ♪ ♪ held me down but i got up get ready because i've had enough ♪ ♪ i seen it all i see it now ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ ♪ dancing through the fire ♪ because i am a champion and
3:51 am
you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ louder louder louder than a lion ♪ ♪ because i am a champion ♪ and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ >> that is a great video. >> oh, my gosh. i'm so happy that i saw that during the commercial break before. >> you teared up. >> before we watched it now. >> i know. you need kleenex. >> yeah, i reached for the kleenex. that is a pretty powerful image if you look at it. they shot it in six hours two weeks ago. 260,000 people have seen it since it was posted on facebook monday night. >> terrific. the video was the brain child of video producer chris -- who said it was easy to get the people to play along. gets you smiling, right? >> i had it on my ipod and i would play it in front of a group of people.
3:52 am
everybody followed. it was amazing. i was floored. >> one hospital staffer who works with these children every day says the video was a great chance to see how strong and brave these kids are. she says they are real fighters who really have to roar. >> good stuff. even got the administrators roaring. >> so cool. >> i can't watch anymore of this. whew! that is tough to watch. incredibly inspirational story. >> you need a tissue? >> no, i'm better now. that was great. that's the kind of stuff we are going to start a competition, let's start that kind of competition. see if we can get some money for that children's hospital. that's the kind of place you want to send all of your money like them. >> i'm always glad when viral videos turn out to be inspirational. >> this friday on gma katy perry will perform "roar" at lakewood high school in lakewood, colorado. the high school won the contest. >> stay with us. we will have a lot more. >> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. abc's "world news
3:53 am
now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- health care firestorm. the fight over obama care shows no signs of slowing. the secretary at the center of it all breaks her silence. we're live in washington. trash talk. a key white house staffer, a member of the national security team, fired. all because of what he was tweeting. tainted treats. the fda sounding the alarms this morning after hundreds of thousands of pets are killed. scary stunt. people in one neighborhood got quite the scare when they looked up into the air. >> there is a hot air balloon on the north end of town. and there's a guy hanging from it.
3:56 am
good wednesday morning. we begin with growing tension in washington. and around the country over the health care website's rocky rollout. >> the face of obama care is coming to the president's defense. kathleen sebelius answered wide-ranging questions about the rollout in an interview with cnn. abc's tahman bradley live in washington with details. tahman? >> reporter: john and diana, good morning. secretary sebelius said that president obama didn't know about problems with the website until it went live. the secretary said she is frustrated and knows that high-tech experts from silicon valley are coming in to help. it's been a rough rollout. after three weeks, the website woes continue. >> i couldn't get past the log-in screen. i had success creating an account, a couple day s after october 1st. and then, it never let me log in again. >> reporter: error messages and long delays. overnight, president obama
3:57 am
admitted the introduction has not gone smoothly. >> we have people working overtime in a tech surge to boost capacity. we're going to get it fixed. >> reporter: the secretary of health and human services, kathleen sebelius says 20 million people have used the website. about 500,000 accounts have been created. in an interview on cnn, sebelius attributed the glitches to extremely high volume. >> no one can be more frustrated than i am and the president. everybody wanted it to be smooth and easy. >> reporter: some in congress are pushing for a delay in the mandate that everyone have health insurance by march 31st or pay a fine. >> i'm convinced we're going to stop obama care. >> reporter: the president encourages patience. but some americans are fed up. >> people who don't even want to deal with it. and they don't think it's affordable with their income. and so, they are just going to take the penalty.
3:58 am
>> reporter: time is running out for the marketplace. americans without health insurance have until december 15th to enroll. so, their courage begins january 1st. diana and john? >> tahman bradley live for us in washington. thank you. in washington, a white house national security official has been fired after it was discovered he was behind a snarky twitter feed. jofi joseph was responsible for the tweets. his tweets insulted white house officials and criticized obama policy. he says he deeply regrets making the comments. the hero teacher from the nevada school shooting was remembered at a vigil last night. dozens came to st. paul's in sparks to remember the eighth grade math teacher and soccer coach who likely saved several lives. the shooter was a 12-year-old who brought the weapon from home. abc's cecilia vega learned that he may have been bullied. >> sort of. he got bullied a couple times.
3:59 am
and i saw kids pushing him around. and doing things to him. >> police say the shooters parents could be charged with a crime since the gun came from their home. world series gets going tonight in boston with the red sox facing off against the st. louis cardinals. obviously, a high-profile event with some major security concerns for both city and state agencies. fenway park is all decked out, ready for baseball. but when a major event happens in boston these days, no one can forget. [ explosion ] the marathon attack just six months ago, that killed 3 people and wounded 260 others. even though authorities don't have specific intelligence having concerns for the world series, they're not taking chances of a repeat. >> making sure that people don't leave things, backpacks or unattended packages. we're going to be on our toes to make sure it's a safe and security environment. >> reporter: and boston police are developing a secret weapon, the fa


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